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There are blueprints for building a star ship inside (some of) the crop circles.

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A new documentary released in early December 2014
A Field Full of Secrets
features technology found in the Crop Circle Ship.

The geometry of the crop circle ship is an octahedron (double pyramid) at the core of a large tetrahedron.

The majority (and perhaps all) of the Crop Circles are created by us humans!

However there is something deeper going on that leads us to believe man-made formations are useful sources of information.

Human crop circle makers are subconsciously guided to make specific formations at specific times and locations, and it is not for us to hastily discard that which proves itself to be an exciting source of technological inspiration.

There is valid information about the crop circle ship in man-made formations - coincidences beyond coincidences - thus it should be considered that the consciousness behind the genuine formations can have serious influence upon the human circle makers.

Each crop circle formation represents a small part of the whole. They are a puzzle with their own ways of interconnecting between designs. Once a certain symbol has been identified, it can be used in decoding other formations. The crop circle ship is a genuine feature of the crop circles, and it can be reproduced, physically constructed either in part or whole, if the crop circle formations are given sufficient scientific attention. The majority (and perhaps all) of the genuine, non man-made crop circle formations are providing information on the construction of a physical vehicle that uses among many other things, hydrogen,water, shape power, and microwaves. The ship features practical free energy, gravity shielding, star travel capabilities, and it gives us the ability to experiment with all kinds of 'far out' technologies.

  • The majority of genuine (non man-made) crop circles have been determined to be part of the same blueprint for a flying machine, or crop circle ship, as it will be referred to throughout this material.
  • All crop circles are part of the same one construction. There are not 'two' crop circle ships. All formations refer to different parts of the same thing, however it seems logical that seperate systems which don't rely on the entire construct could be built on their own.
  • There are many subtle details in some formations which are an obvious deliberate attempt to make the technological meaning clearer.
  • Each year, we receive more information from the crop circle formations about the construction of the crop circle ship, often increasingly specific or zooming in on particular areas at a time.
  • There are many formations which appear to convey unique information. For this reason documentation of every single crop circle is extremely important, man-made or otherwise.
  • In most cases where there are multiple crop circle formations created in the same place at the same time, there is a technological connection between the formations.
  • It appears likely that the formations are coming to us from a higher consciousness, intended to help us through this difficult time in our evolution.

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